How to Find the Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Leather Products: Saddles Handbags Jackets & Wallets

Warning: Sewing leather on a machine made for garment fabric could damage your machine!

Purchasing and maintaining equipment is an important part of owning a business because unreliable production will definitely limit your ability to fill orders. This is one reason that the equipment you choose be appropriate for the way you intend to use it.

How to Find Supplies for Your Profitable Home-Based Custom Leatherwork, Tooling or Craft Business

It’s a part of the American Dream – to be one’s own boss and earn a living by selling quality crafted goods. Why a leatherworking business? Leather is an incredibly valuable and versatile commodity. Products made of leather fit all tastes, whether the style is relaxed, contemporary or classical.

Leather conveys a particular lifestyle choice.

5 Tips for Solving Common Problems with Industrial Sewing Machines Leather Holsters, Knife Sheaths or Stirrups

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sewing leather holsters for a military and/or law enforcement application on your industrial leather sewing machine and you come to the part where the belt attachment clip is, but you can’t sew a straight seam because the clip is in the way. Don’t worry. Take a look at these tips for help:

Cylinder Arm Machine – It is much easier to sew close to pockets or molded leather that conforms to a pistol,

To Solve Problems Feeding Heavy Leather Use a Real Industrial Strength Walking Foot Sewing Machine

The density, weight and texture of leather vary. You may have seen videos on the internet that show home machines sewing leather. Although a home machine is able to sew some lightweight leather, it may not be adequate to sew heavy leather. Home machines that are able to sew garment weight leather will not be able to handle the heavier weight leather used for saddles,

Skiving Machines, Bevellers or Bell Knife Skivers for Reducing the Thickness of Edges on Leather Pieces

What is a skiving machine? Also known as a bell knife skiver or a beveller, a skiver is a kind of machine that reduces the thickness of a piece of leather by cutting a slice out of the leather’s edge. This edge is made thinner than the rest of the leather so that when it is folded over and sewn it allows you to get a nice finished edge.

The Electronic Positioning System (EPS) – A Revolutionary Labor Saving Device for Your Leather Sewing Machine

Revolutionary Breakthrough! Introducing the new Electronic Positioning System!

Don’t you wish there was an invention that would save you time and money when using your leather sewing machine? Well, your wish has come true. The Electronic Positioning System (EPS) from Leather Machine Co., Inc. is just what you need. The EPS consists of the power hand wheel,

Leather Machinery – Strap Cutters for Belt-Making, Clickers for Die-Cutting and Splitters for Splitting

Cutting leather into precise shapes can be a difficult and time-consuming process, particularly when there is a need to produce dozens of identical pieces. To make this task easier for those in the leatherworking industry, there are a few machines which might interest you. Depending upon the final shape desired, machines like strap cutters, splitters and clickers are used to increase productivity and lower costs.

Attend Trade Shows: Best Way to Look for Leather Working Machinery, Supplies, Tools & Educational Information

Where can you find high quality leather working machinery, supplies, tools and educational information all in the same place? All across the country, various trade shows are held for just this purpose. These shows are usually sponsored by a well-known craft and hobby publication or a local leather guild. Sometimes up to a hundred different vendors of all kinds rent space to display and sell their goods and services.

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