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    20 Ton Clicker


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    220V Single Phase, 35 1/2″ x 17″ Cutting Space, Rotating Head 14 1/2″ x 19 1/4″ , Dead Man Switch System, Electronic Control System, Eura Drive Inverter Box, tool box.

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    KING COBRA Class 4-25 With Electronic Positioning System And Premium Package


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    Introducing the King Cobra Class 4-25 the newest member of the COBRA line of Leather Stitchers. The King COBRA 4-25 features the new and innovative Electronic Positioning System (EPS).

    The EPS comes with the Needle Position Motor, Electronic Synchronizer, and the Power Handwheel.

    The EPS is a labor saving device that saves time, money and at the same time, gives consistent, precise stitching.

    The EPS, allows the needle to stop up, or down, 90 degrees corners, back tack, and remove your work without ever having to touch the handwheel.

    Legendary Holster Maker, John Bianchi, and Master Craftsman, Matt Whitaker from Frontier Gun Leather say that there are many advantages, including:

    * Crucial element to professional products
    * A must for complex stitching patterns
    * Allows the machine to start and stop without showing a change in the stitch pattern
    * We highly recommend the EPS for all types of work

    Hall of Fame Saddle Maker, Bob Scott says: “On some applications to achieve perfection, you must be able to sew one stitch at a time, only available with the new COBRA Electronic Positioning System”

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    COBRA AK 20 ‘PLUS’ Leather Strap Cutting Machine


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    • Includes multiple size spacers
    • 15 cutting knives
    • 3/4 HP Variable Speed Brush-less Servo Motor
    • SR2 speed reducer
    • Heavy Duty drive unit with wheels
    • Includes Accessories
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    Cobra Class 7 Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


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    Cobra Class 7, Extra Heavy Duty Sewing, single needle, Long arm 16 1/2″, Compound Needle Feed walking foot, complete with Extra large oscillating shuttle hook. Easily sews up to 1-1/4″ thick.

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    COBRA 10 Ton Clicker


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    • 220 V Single Phase
    • 29.5″ x 15.75″ Cutting Space
    • 3/4″ Nylon Cutting Board
    • Rotating Head
    • Dead Man Switch System
    • 1.5 KW ( 2 H.P.) Motor
    • Cutting Speed: 0.08 m/s
    • Range of Stroke: 5-75 mm (1/4″ – 3″)
    • #46 Hydraulic Oil (included)
    • Electronic Control System
    • Eura Drive Inverter Box W/Speed Control
    • Tool Box W/Tools
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    COBRA MP Finisher


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    The new COBRA MULTI-PURPOSE FINISHER is designed for the Boot & Shoe Industry for construction of fine leather footwear. It is also used wherever sanding, buffing, trimming or finishing is needed. Made in the finest factory available, the COBRA MP FINISHER is a must for Boot, Shoe or Leather Shops everywhere. Complete with Trimmers, Heel Breaster, Narrow and Wide Sanding Belts, Adjustable Naumkeg, Rotating Handle complete with 6 Buffing/Sanding Wheels. All with adjustable speeds. The COBRA MP FINISHER also has 5 Vacuums with the Front Access Dust Collection System.


    • Angle Sole Trimmer
    • Straight Sole Trimmer
    • Heel Breaster
    • Narrow Sanding Belt
    • Wide Sanding Belt
    • Rotating Handle complete with 6Buffing/Sanding Wheels
    • Front Access Dust Collection System
    • 52” Wide X 60” High X 30” Deep, 850 lbs. 220V Single Phase
    • Adjustable Naumkeg
    • Adjustable Speeds
    • Vacuums


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