COBRA Class 26 With EPS


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With EPS
10” Arm

Top loading Large “U” style bobbin

Thread sizes from #46 to #207 thread

Sews up to 7/16” of various materials

Needle system: 135X16, or 135X17

Needle sizes: #12-#25

Stitch Length from 3 – 10 Stitches per inch

Sews leather, canvas, upholstery, vinyl, nylon webbing, & many other materials

Heavy Duty Pedestal stand with locking caster wheels

4/5 H.P. brushless D.C. servo motor available in 110V or 220V power

Heavy duty sealed bearing speed reducer with max. torque

28 LED super beam lamp

Thread Stand

Tool kit (oil, wrenches, needles, bobbins, thread, magnetic guide, nippers, & spool pin)

Assembling the Cobra Class 26 Sewing Machine


EPS, Electronic Positioning System

Attaching the work platform to your Cobra Class 26

Adjusting the machine height

Threading & bobbins for Cobra Class 26

Oil maintenance for the Cobra Class 26

Presser feet for the Cobra Class 26

Needles & Thread for Cobra Class 26

Lights for Cobra Sewing Machines

Edge Guides for Cobra Class 26

Needle Bar and Hook Assembly timing adjustments for Cobra Class 26

Additional information

Weight 9600 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in