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We sell and service top quality leatherworking machinery for the Leather and Tack Trades. We provide top quality leather sewing machines made especially for the leather worker. Our new line of heavy duty Leather Stitchers are the finest on the Market. Our Mission is to provide you with the finest machinery and service available. Service is our specialty- please call for assistance and service for any competitors’ machinery. We have the skills, tools and experience to assist with all leather machinery. We are pleased to show you how to get the most out of your machine! The COBRA CLASS 3, COBRA CLASS 4, and the KING COBRA CLASS 4-25 come with many new features and, with our new style heavy duty multi-purpose presser feet,

We stand behind every piece of equipment sold with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”… Cobra Steve

designed for sewing everything from bullet loops, to skirting, to chap leather, and everything in between. They are strong and compact, allowing you to sew in small areas easier than ever before! PLUS New Enhanced Colors For The Leather Trade.

Leather Machine Co., is now INTERNATIONAL

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