Strut Your Stuff

STRUT YOUR STUFF! You know you want to. Here is your chance to show off that project you just finished and we will post your submissions here.

Here is what to do. Send us…

  • At least 3 photographs of your craftsmanship that you created using a COBRA machine
  • Your Business name, Your name, City, State, and zip code
  • Web site link (if applicable)
  • The model of the equipment you used to make your project with.

Send your photos and information to

Please feel free to browse projects made by our our satisfied customers below using COBRA LEATHER SEWING MACHINES.

Artisan Leather

I have a Cobra Class 4 sewing machine, I purchased at the trade show in
Sheridan in 2019. Here are some pics of recent projects – I love my Cobra!!

Dogwood Grove Goods

Kathy Johnson  of Dogwood Grove Goods in Lakeview Alabama I’ve had my Cobra 4 since December of 2018, and it is a dream to sew with!   Below is my submission for the “Strut Your Stuff” section of your website.

Kimberland Leatherworks

Denise Stringfellow of Kimberland Leatherworks sent us these great examples of their work. You can see some more on Pinterest and you can reach her at She did this incredible work on her Cobra Class 20

Brian Thomas Boots

A new pair of boots Brian Thomas Boots you can see more here

Doves & Dandy’s

We love it when you guys share your work, here is Steve & Diane Lennon from Dove & Dandy’s in Peoria AZ strutting their stuff! You can see more by visiting their website at

Brandi Michelle
Western Atelier
Weatherford, TX 76088
(262) 949-1811

J.J. Adams

I recovered this chair for a customer using my Cobra 4 to sew it. He is ecstatic with the result. The leather piece was so big I had to sew standing up to hold it and push the pedal with my toes. It is 20 oz of leather, 10 ozs doubled to sew. I had to wet the leather and clamp it over to be able to hold it in place with my hand, didn’t have the strength any other way.
Cobra 4 went through it like butter. I just cut the arms, didn’t install them because he didn’t know how he wanted them. He has it home now and sits in it exclusive since I talked him out of a backing and just burnished the edges. I am so proud of this chair because it was the first real project I made on my Cobra 4 and it’s so easy to use. I’ve only had it a few months but can’t remember what I did before I got it. Anytime someone is looking for a machine on Facebook or I always recommend this.

Talked a man out of a Juki into a Cobra 4 just last week. Without a doubt the best machine on the market and the best deal and Steve is always available to answer questions. Definitely a win/win/win situation. Hope this is up to par to use Steve. Cheryl

Cheryl A Crossan
Double C Cowgirl Couture
27 West Street
Rutland, VT. 05701

These creations were submitted to Leather Machine Co. by Nanci Rogers. She owns and operates Ace High Leathers in Montague, California. She used the Cobra Class 4 “Dream Machine” to make these saddle bags and chinks.

One of our first products with the new machine. Incredible how smooth and efficient it is! Not one missed stitch or broken thread in 2 days production.

Adios. Dennis McVey

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